Our Approach

Our clients ask us to support them in answering questions such as:

  • What really is impact investing? And is it a fit for, my family or my foundation?
  • What financial, social and enviromental return i can expect with impact investment?
  • How do I get started with impact investing? And how do I build the case for impact investing with my family or foundation's trustees?
  • How do I create an impact investing strategy and shift 100% of my assets or endowment into having a positive impact?

Our Service

To support our client in their investing journey, we provide 3 pillars of service:

Challenger 88 advises families & foundations on shifting their investments across all asset classes into investments with a positive impact. We build impact oriented investment strategies & asset allocations to meet your financial risk/return and impact objectives.

Challenger 88 helps implement client's investment strategies, including: 

  • Due dilligence and ongoing management of direct investments & impact fund investments
  • Manager selection for public equity and fixed income funds 
  • Cleaning of passive public equity investments - ETFs and index funds

Challenger 88 provides customized education for families and foundations, including workshops and trainings around impact investing topics. It advises on special projects, such as setting up impact investing funds, evaluations of existing investments, subsequent turn-around management, and innovative product development.