Behind the name


Well, we went through our own personal transformation, made tangible by having sold our "Challenger classic car" to start our business. It was a hard decision, but symbolic of the many decisions we’ve made over the past few years to bring our lives in-line with our values.

​ We’re also shifting our own portfolio to 100% Impact. We know through experience that it’s not easy to identify good investments, and it takes time to exit legacy investments. We also know it requires educating yourself on what is possible, rethinking norms and determining yourself what fits your values and strategy.

​ The 88? Eight is for infinity – forever. We believe in a long-term view, and that short-term decision making is one of the primary reasons why we’re facing environmental and social crises around the world that increase investment risk. The number 8 is also a symbol of balance – balance of people and planet, balance of self and community, balance of intrinsic and material. It’s also a very auspicious number in Asian culture, and two 8’s

Behind the logo:

Why orange?

Orange is the color of change. We work with clients that want to lead change, That are willing to challenge norms and challenge themselves – and to set a new path for others to follow.